Assessment and IT Governance Services

An assessment is a tool that enables an organization to determine current performance to create a plan of action for improvement. I will evaluate your environment including organization structure, people, processes, tools, organization culture, and customer experience. The assessment takes approximately two weeks to complete and includes interviews, data discovery, observation and analysis.

The assessment process consists of five steps:

Step 1 – Initiation

Schedule a teleconference to review the assessment process and determine the value of an assessment to your company’s IT success. Then, schedule a demonstration of results on site or remotely to show you how other organizations have used an assessment to improve their environment. Upon initiation of an assessment, a questionnaire will be sent to your organization to provide a vehicle for discovery of basic information about your company and the IT organization, the start date will be established and an interview schedule will be created for the onsite discovery.

Step 2 – Discovery

Once engaged, a week of analysis, observation and interviews paves the way for a comparison of your organization to industry benchmarks on structure, people, process, technology, culture and customer experience. Our analysis focuses on your organization’s IT strategy as defined by both IT and the business and through interviews that cascade through the organization’s structure, we can determine how that strategy is implemented.

Step 3 – Analysis and Comparison


After completion of the Discovery, an analysis will be conducted and a comparison to best practices and peer organizations will be completed off site. Additional discovery may occur as required.

Step 4 – Documentation of Results


The results of the analysis and comparison will be documented both in a presentation and a written summary. The results will be reviewed with your organization prior to the final presentation.

Step 5 – Presentation of Results


For a successful implementation and adoption of the recommendations, it is important to present the final analysis, comparison and recommendations with the management of your organization. This presentation is the beginning of the the adoption of change, providing an opportunity to discuss results and prioritize recommendations.

At the conclusion of the assessment, your organization will have an improvement roadmap prioritized into short, medium, and long range goals to improve the environment and align service delivery with the business.

Recent Projects

Support Center Assessment, Insurance
Assessment conducted of a large Insurance organization with three primary business units supported by over 120 agents.
Technical Assistance Center Assessment, Healthcare
Conducted an assessment of a best-in-breed service desk facing difficulties meeting customer demands, increasing efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction.
Helpline Benchmark Assessment, Utilities
Assessment of a service desk facing difficulty meeting customer demands, identifying inefficiency, and managing cost constraints.
Outsourced Solution Assessment, Managed Service Provider
Conducted an audit of a managed service outsource solution to improve process enhancement, implement IT Governance, and improve service delivery.
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