Why do ITSM professionals need to start considering DevOps?

Why do ITSM professionals need to start considering DevOps?

It’s simple. We need to design really good products and services, so that when we deliver them to the business – the services work. The fact that DevOps focuses on bringing the design stage of the lifecycle more in sync with the operational side –  hallelujah. If we better understand the business and don’t design in a vacuum, then we will create better services and improve our customer experience.

Nothing can improve a customer experience better than great products and services. You can smile all you want over the phone, but if this is the third time the customer has called about an issue this month – the smile doesn’t go very far.

Quality products and services that are aligned to meet the business needs, and can be easily delivered, supported and maintained – that’s a pretty powerful dynamic. This is what makes it so appealing to organizations to pursue a closer synergy between DevOps and IT Service Management.

It just makes sense.

Watch the video below, and I invite your comments on the need for DevOps in ITSM.

Note: Special thanks to Cherwell software for inviting me to participate in the interview at HDI 2015.

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