Create a
Culture and Enable
Self-Service Strategy

Knowledge Management Using knowledge to innovate, and improve service delivery and service support.

Reduce cost to serve
Fewer resources required for service
Lower overhead
Faster more efficient Processes

through Knowledge &

Knowledge-Driven Strategy

Learn How

KCS Implementation Mentoring Services

Assistance to help your organization design and deliver a successful KCS intiative within your organization. Mentoring service include transfer of knowledge, evaluation of team progress and deliverables.

KCS Assessment

A tailored, in-depth Knowledge Management assessment benchmarks the IT organization prior to Knowledge Management or KCS implementation. We evaluate current knowledge management practices and recommend improvements based on best practice and client objectives.

KCS Design Workshop

Two-week workshop to design the foundation of the KCS implementation including content standard, process integration, roles and responsibilities, performance measurement, and strategic framework.

KCS Managers and Coaches Workshops

Develop and deliver additional training for staff to help get buyin at all levels and prepare coaches to help change the organizational culture.

Recent Projects To leverage knowledge, an organization must focus on the integration of organization structure, roles and responsibilities, service and support processes, technologies, knowledge-sharing culture and enabling self-service to customers.

Document Refresh Project, ISP
Reviewed, consolidated and defined documentation management standards for new corporate support structure.
KM Strategy Project, Manufacturing
Developed knowledge management strategy, new organizational structure, and knowledge management process integration.
KM Assessment, Office Supply
Developed knowledge management strategy, knowledge management processes, enhanced metrics, and upgrade of technology.
KM Implementation, Manufacturing
Implementation of knowledge management processes, organizational structure, organizational change, and tool integration.
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