Knowledge Management

I provide industry best practice knowledge management consulting services that address all aspects of knowledge management success.

In today’s society our corporate knowledge is our greatest asset. To leverage that knowledge, an organization must focus on the integration of organization structure, roles and responsibilities, service and support processes, technologies, knowledge-sharing culture and enabling self-service to customers.

All of our knowledge management consulting offerings are based upon Knowledge-Centered Support™ methodologies.

Our offerings include:

Knowledge Management and KCS Feasibility Study


Upon completion of this one-week study, key stakeholders will have an understanding of KCS and the path required for successful implementation in their environment. The Data Gathering and Discovery Process will include interviews with key IT executives, managers, staff and customers on the goals for the project and the current creation, management and use of knowledge assets. This discovery is the key to understanding the long-term vision for the integration of knowledge management and self-service delivery into the IT culture. An analysis of the current knowledge management processes and data repositories will follow the discovery.As a result of the Knowledge Management Current Environment, Findings & Recommendations, your organization will have a blueprint for how to successfully leverage existing knowledge assets, improve processes and develop a knowledge management culture.
Knowledge Management Assessment


A tailored, in-depth Knowledge Management assessment benchmarks the IT organization prior to Knowledge Management or KCS implementation. We evaluate current knowledge management practices and recommend improvements based on best practice and client objectives. Knowledge Management and self- service require new positions and the redefining of current positions within the IT organization. In this project, we will make recommendations on how to restructure the IT organization.
Knowledge Management and KCS Implementation



Our consultants bring experience in leveraging best practices and applying both KCS and traditional Knowledge Management methodologies. They will help an IT organization adopt, measure and sustain Knowledge Management over time in order to successfully collaborate, share, use and improve knowledge. In order to create a new knowledge management and self-service support delivery philosophy within the IT culture, the KM processes must be redesigned with a heavy emphasis on solution creation, validation and delivery. We will work with the customer management and project teams to create unique processes within the service desk to facilitate the creation of solutions and their effective delivery to the end user.
Self-Serve Knowledge Management



Rolling out self-serve knowledge management to the customer population is the last step in a knowledge management initiative. The processes and metrics for the internal knowledge management initiative must be proven and an impact measured that actually increases the IT organization’s ability to manage and apply knowledge.

Key benefits to your environment include:

  • Reduce cost to serve
  • Knowledge-based culture
  • Enhanced management understanding of customer demand and quality of service, cost to serve
  • Leverages current technology investments
  • Knowledge is organization-based not stuck in silos
  • Fewer resources required for service
  • Lower overhead
  • Faster more efficient ITIL implementation

Recent Projects

Document Refresh Project, Broadband Service Provider
Reviewed, consolidated and defined documentation management standards for new corporate support structure from three merged companies.
Knowledge Management Foundation Project, Manufacturing
Developed Knowledge Management Strategy including new organization structure and knowledge management process integration.
Knowledge Management Assessment, Office Supply
Developed a knowledge management strategy document to enhance current knowledge management implementation with more robust processes, enhanced metrics and upgrade of technology implementation.
Knowledge Management Implementation, Manufacturing Company
Implementation of knowledge management processes, organizational structure, and tool integration.
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