PACRIM Conference & Expo 2008, Gold Coast, Australia


Australia is an incredible country, and I was invited to speak at the PacRim conference as an international keynote speaker. The conference was held on the Gold Coast – a lovely oceanfront community known as surfer’s paradise. I was fortunate enough to travel around Sidney before making the trip up to Brisbane for the conference.

The topic of my keynote session was  Customer Experience Management: Engineering and Defining the Support Experience. It is one of my best keynotes I have ever done. I was also a panel moderator on the topic of multi-generational, multi-functional service departments. I did a secondary presentation on the Proactive Incident and Problem Management Strategies. In addition to the presentations, I also was a panel moderator for Times They are Changing: Making the Multigenerational, Multifunctional Service Department Work for You.

The biggest highlight of the conference was conducting an all-day workshop on The Help Desk Audit: Blueprint for Success. The workshop was a hit. I also enjoyed meeting Batman at the conference party.

Topic Overview

Customer Experience Management – Engineering and Defining the Support Experience (Keynote)

Better understand your total customer experience! In this session, learn about the core concepts of Customer Experience Management including defining a customer experience map of the Incident Management Process. Better understand all the positive and negative influencers of the support experience and engineer a more positive customer experience overall the touch points with your internal or external customers.

Proactive Incident and Problem Management: Strategies for Effective Diagnosis and Root Cause Analysis (Workshop)

Moving from reactive to proactive problem management requires the organization to implement and adopt new techniques and methodologies to be successful. This session will look at the organizational structure and culture of the IT organization and help to define roles and responsibilities related to Proactive Problem Management. Strategies for effective Proactive Problem Management will be demonstrated and explored including Pareto Analysis, Kepner Tregeo, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis and Major Problem Reviews. Key measurements that show the business value of Proactive Problem Management will also be defined. The session includes:

  • Structure & Culture
  • Proactive Problem Management (trend analysis)
  • Monitoring
  • Matching Incidents, Problems and Change
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Kepner Tregeo
  • Error Rate Analysis
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • Cause and Effect Analysis
  • Ishikawa diagram
  • Major Problem Reviews
  • Metrics & Reporting
  • Success Factors

The Help Desk Audit: Blueprint for Success (Workshop)

A help desk audit is an essential tool for analyzing your support service operations. During this full-day workshop, attendees will go through an evaluation of their help desk environment. Five blocks will be covered including foundation, people, process, tools, and customer relationship.

Attendees will share their experiences both good and bad and compare their operations to industry best practices. The audit utilizes the best selling book, The Help Desk Audit: Blueprint for Success to assist in the analysis and data gathering.

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