Yhteys Annual Conference & Expo 2012, Helsinki, Finland


This year I was invited to the Yhteys Annual Conference & Expo in Helsinki, Finland. The topic of my Keynote session was Preparing for the Impact of New Technology and Knowledge Management – Evolution or Revolution? I also delivered a pre-conference workshop titled: Advanced Proactive Problem Management.

Also, I was given a guided tour of a local design factory, and I spent an entire day just wandering the streets and exploring the sites. What a fantastic place to visit.

Topic Overview

Knowledge Management – Evolution or Revolution? (Keynote)

Knowledge management is not a new concept, but its application in the help desk support environment is only two to three years old. Help desks have purchased the technology and tools to help them integrate knowledge management into the support environment. However, this integration has had limited results. Help desks are relying on the tools and technology and modifying their current methodologies and processes. This presentation will show them how to completely change the culture, processes, and people to successfully implement knowledge management in the support environment.

Don’t just plug in the technology and hope to see an increase in resolutions. Hiring a knowledge base champion isn’t enough. Your organization must completely redesign its help desk processes from an incident management process to a solution-based process to implement knowledge management successfully. Begin by taking a close look at how you choose your staff, and then define their roles and responsibilities to align them with knowledge management. Then create a process that utilizes your staff and technology to investigate problems and create repeatable and usable solutions for both the help desk staff and end users. This presentation will look at the new Knowledge Management Process, how it works, how to implement it to revolutionize your help desk. We will also take a look at support environments that are currently using Knowledge Management effectively. Session overview:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Self Help
  • Success Factors
  • Evolution or Revolution?

Preparing for the Impact of New Technology (Keynote)

Your help desk probably hums along pretty well, logging and resolving voice and data issues. But with contact center technologies such as CTI, VoiceXML, and Voice over IP, things look different. The problems, resolutions, and owners can change. Attend this session to hear what the new technologies mean for your help desk and how you can prepare for the changes ahead. Session overview:

  • Best Practices for Technology Implementation
  • Processes
  • Metrics
  • Defining Customer Impact
  • Understanding Customer View
  • Define Requirements
  • Define Organizational Priority of Requirements
  • RFP Process
  • Tips for Working with Vendors
  • Technology Trends
  • What’s Hot
  • Summary & Questions

Advanced Proactive Problem Management (Workshop)

Moving from reactive to proactive problem management requires the organization to implement and adopt new techniques and methodologies to be successful. Proactive Problem Management is an important part of improving the quality of IT services. The analysis techniques require specialized skills to be effective. This session will look at the organizational structure and culture of the IT organization and help to define roles and responsibilities related to Proactive Problem Management. Strategies for effective Proactive Problem Management will be demonstrated and explored including Data Collection and Trend Analysis, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Component Failure Impact Analysis and Major Problem Reviews.Key measurements that demonstrate the business value of Proactive Problem Management will also be defined.

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Julie captivates audiences at conferences worldwide on topics of authentic leadership, business strategy, knowledge management, organizational culture, and innovation.

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