HDI New Jersey Chapter Annual Event, Monmouth, NJ


I was invited to speak at the New Jersey HDI Chapter Annual Event as a Keynote Speaker. The topics were: Problem vs. Incident Management and one of my favorites, Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Management I Learned from the Movies.

The event was held at a Racetrack, and I bet for the first and last time on a horse and won big! The picture is of the winning horse.

Topic Overview

Problem VS Incident Management: Strategies for Effective Diagnosis and Root Cause Analysis

Incident management is often the first process utilized when introducing a quality assurance framework to a service desk. Problem Management can assist incident management by providing management reporting on historical data and trend analysis. This session allows participants to differentiate between these two approaches and their impact on customer service. Session overview:

  • Overview of Incident Management Process
  • Objective, Activities, Roles & Relationships, Problems & Benefits
  • Overview of Problem Management Process
  • Objective, Activities, Roles & Relationships, Problems & Benefits
  • Incident & Problem Relationship
  • Incident to Problem to Change Lifecycle
  • Problem Management Approach
  • Culture, Problem Solving, Metrics, Inputs & Outputs, Cause & Effect, Pareto Analysis, Major Problem Reviews
  • Success Factors

Everything I Ever Learned About Management I Learned from the Movies (Keynote)

Motivation is more than just a feeling. Managers have to create the right work environment that inspires leadership, motivation, and satisfaction. In this session, we explore vital motivational tactics in the workplace through lessons learned from the movies. From short movie clips, you will explore key motivational tactics and change the way you view difficult situations. Develop leaders, not followers. Create a workplace where everyone wants to work and enjoys serving your customers.

About the Author:

Julie is a dynamic, engaging change agent who brings authenticity, integrity, and passion to practitioners worldwide. Through her books, articles, speaking, consulting, and teaching — her purpose is to spark change in the world with thought-provoking dialog and interaction. Julie has a B.S. degree in computer science from The Ohio State University, a MaED from the University of Phoenix, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Management and Organizational Leadership in Information Systems & Technology from the University of Phoenix. She is an ITIL Expert, Certified Help Desk Director, and Certified Governance IT Professional.

Julie captivates audiences at conferences worldwide on topics of authentic leadership, business strategy, knowledge management, organizational culture, and innovation.

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