HDI Charlotte Annual Conference & Expo 2014, Charlotte, NC


What a fantastic local annual conference! It was my honor to speak on the topic of CEM Meets ITSM: Managing the Customer Experience. This local chapter does an excellent yearly conference – good attendance, great location, and a great schedule of events for the day. It was my honor to speak along with two other fantastic speakers. This picture was taken after the three speakers concluded for the day.

The venue was very interesting. The room is set up for videotaping chefs as they prepare food – I guess for a local cooking show or for students on campus. The partition is used to cover the kitchen area when they host a speaking event.

Topic Overview

Customer Experience Management – Engineering and Defining the Support Experience (Keynote)

Better understand your total customer experience! In this session, learn about the core concepts of Customer Experience Management including defining a customer experience map of the Incident Management Process. Better understand all the positive and negative influencers of the support experience and engineer a more positive customer experience overall the touch points with your internal or external customers.

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